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BYU Lost and Found Sale

The BYU Lost and Found Sale takes place annually in the student center. Basically, the Lost and Found sells and auctions items for way cheap. Apparently, the deals are so good that people start lining up at 6:30am! I went right when it opened, hoping to get a good umbrella and a pair of ear buds for a great price. I didn’t find an quality umbrella, but I did pick up some ear buds and some other things: a steel water bottle, fingerless gloves, and a hipster scarf (for Halloween).

BYU Lost and Found Sale findings, October 2010.

Purchase price: $2.63

Can you believe it? The retail price of the water bottle alone is $24.99! What a steal.

And I saw my brother there! He picked up some funky stuff. Apparently, he had been on campus since 1:00am, just having fun, being a freshman.

Much love,


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